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Faith, Family, and Freedom

Overcoming the Sunday Blues

150 150 Jamie Slingerland

Have you ever been in this situation? It’s Sunday afternoon and instead of enjoying time with your family you are in the zone. Not the End Zone-or maybe it is if you’re a football fan-“Go Bills!”. But seriously, what I’m really talking about here is the “I dread it’s Sunday” zone. You hate that tomorrow is Monday. (I get it. That used to be me.) It’s the day that you wish you could erase from…

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Running on fumes.

150 150 Ruthie Slingerland

I can tell you what freedom isn’t… No options, no money, feeling stuck and wondering if you’re getting any traction in life. It’s like running on fumes. I remember my first car… It was a white, leather interiors, 4-door, stick shift (4 speed) Toyota Corolla. I was the second owner and it was like new! I’ve never been a ‘car’ person but when I drove this car, it made me smile. New car, new season,…

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