Waiting on the Sidelines is Costing you the Success you Want

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We all know the feeling of standing in the long line of kickball players hoping to NOT be picked last. Who wants that?! “Pick me! Pick me!” we desperately whisper to ourselves.

Now, as adults in a fast-changing world, we might be stuck taking the same approach to life and business: waiting to be picked. Waiting on that call. Waiting on an interview. Waiting for someone else to reach out first. Waiting on our success.

But here’s another option: What if you picked yourself?! Yes. That’s right.

What if you stepped out of that long line of “waiters”? What if you chose to be the person that takes intentional action toward that new job, new career, new business, new hobby, new lifestyle?

If you’re stuck or paralyzed in waiting, may we suggest Seth Godin’s book What to do when it’s your turn (And it’s always your turn!)

There’s nothing stopping YOU but…YOU! Stop waiting on the sidelines and pick yourself! How about taking an active role in your own success?

What’s one way you can ACT on your goals today?

And if you haven’t heard our recent podcast on Picking Yourself, Click Here to Listen!

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