You were “called to freedom”. Called!!

500 500 Ruthie Slingerland

God made us free and we lost that freedom early on. In the garden.

Since then, we fumble through life either doing our own ‘thing’ or what ‘others’ want us to do instead of what we’re called to do.

We hide behind masks. Knowingly or, more commonly, unknowingly. It’s part of the process to fumble, mess up, to get lost.

I share this because this was us. Getting rid of our debt was just the beginning of our search for freedom. At the end of our debt-free scream, we discovered we were stuck in other areas- spiritually, relationally & vocationally. We were being called to deeper freedom!!

The Spirit helps us find our way back to our Father.

When we lost our freedom, we forgot who we were, who we were created to be, at our core. 

Maybe we just never quite knew who that was to begin with!!

But there’s hope! True freedom–seemingly illusive on this side of heaven–comes from God. 

Time with Him to know ourselves. Time in his truth. Time with others, who like us, are looking for a deeper freedom.

Jesus came to set us free. It’s a lifelong process to lose our ‘cover’, our false self and find our true, authentic, God-given self. A challenging-yet worthwhile-endeavor.

We’ve not ‘arrived’ but are moving closer to unfolding ourselves into who we were meant to be.

How about you? How are you becoming your God-given self and becoming truly free?

“No one gets very far on the path of Christian spirituality without two things–space for contemplative reflection and engagement with others who share the journey.” ~David G. Benner

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