You know they have to go for it!

150 150 Ruthie Slingerland

Football. Texas vs Kansas City. The announcers agreed.  After having a 24-0 point lead in the first quarter of the game, the Texans were now down 17 points. The only way they’d come back  in the final quarter was if they laid it all on the field and ‘went for it!’.

How about you? 

Maybe in the first quarter of life, you were doing pretty well.

…Good job.

…little to no debt.


…savings, health, great future ahead of you. 

But now, something’s shifted and you are down. Know this: “You have to go for it!” Whatever life is throwing at you or whatever the struggle is in this season, it’s not over until it’s over.

You have the power to make a decision, make the play, tackle the problem. If you’re like us, you know that God is on your side and He’s equipped you for the task ahead.

Go for it! You’ll be looking back a year from now saying “I’m glad I did.”

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