Overcoming the Sunday Blues

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Have you ever been in this situation?

It’s Sunday afternoon and instead of enjoying time with your family you are in the zone. Not the End Zone-or maybe it is if you’re a football fan-“Go Bills!”. But seriously, what I’m really talking about here is the “I dread it’s Sunday” zone. You hate that tomorrow is Monday. (I get it. That used to be me.) It’s the day that you wish you could erase from the calendar. The day that wears you out and sucks you dry begins again.

It’s like the classic American comedy…

In Groundhog’s Day, Phil Connors lives the same day over and over again. He has no idea how to stop living the same, monotonous, vicious cycle day after day after day. But after his initial denial and depression, he finally accepts his situation. Phil realizes he can move out of the dread and build on the previous day. Even though it’s the same day on the calendar, he’s not the same Phil. He’s a better, more improved Phil. He takes the world by storm. He masters French and becomes a virtuoso on the piano. He even tries to save lives (although unsuccessfully) and entertains the little town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.
The neverending day turned the cold, prideful man into a caring human being. It’s not until he loves another and releases his destiny that his crazy loop ends.

“The way we see the problem IS the problem.” Stephen Covey

Many live-day in, day out- feeling like Phil Connors: in a twilight zone kind of life. Reliving the same day over and over again. We can understand what that can do to a person. Because many of us have lived it. We’ve felt stuck in our jobs or businesses and the Sunday Blues hit.  At best only on Sundays and at worst, everyday blues, feeling like the days of being stuck will never end.

Here’s the thing…

Before we can change our circumstances, we need to change the way we see our circumstances. Henry Cloud calls this opening the system: when we allow other perspectives and new ideas into our minds. Here are a few things you could do:
Loosen up your heartstrings. Pick up an instrument or a paintbrush. Learn to play or paint if you don’t yet. Art encourages our minds to see creative solutions.
Read a book. A non-fiction book that speaks to your career or the season of life needs.
Call a mentor or a friend who has succeeded where you want to grow.
Listen to an encouraging podcast.
Bottom line: Expose your heart and mind to what gets you motivated or lights a spark in your spirit!
Instead of seeing ourselves stuck, we must see the opportunity – to iterate, explore, develop ourselves, grow, learn. In order to truly change what happens next, we need to begin by changing ourselves. Opening ourselves to new views changes how we see our world because it changes us!!


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